Thursday, November 4, 2010

When it rains, it pours

I can't remember a time when I didn't hate the rain.  While other people liked to go and play in puddles, all I could do was sit around inside and wait for it to be over.  None of my friends have ever understood why I despise the rain so much, and it wasn't until recently that even I put all of the pieces together.

On rainy or overcast days, my POTS kicks in more than it does on a normal day.  I believe that it's due to the change in the barometric pressure.  I can tell what the weather is before I get out of bed or check the weather report.  All I want to do the entire day is sleep.  The best way to describe the feeling is that my limbs are filled with quick sand.  This quick sand feeling occurs on almost a daily basis, but it can be controlled by my sodium intake and my medicines.  On rainy days, nothing seems to help other than napping.

When I was putting on my socks this morning I came across another discovery.  So much blood and water had pooled in my legs during the night, that when I touched them, pitting occurred.  This is typically called Peripheral Edema.  After I had gotten up and moved around, the edema went away, but the heavy feeling in my arms and legs remained until the clouds cleared.